Part-Time Student Tuition for Core & Special Classes


  • Each core academic class will be offered to part time Middle School  students at the cost of $550 per semester per class. First Semester runs from August 16 - December 20, 2018.  Second Semester runs from January 7 - May 21, 2019. There is a one time book fee of $50 per class.

        This fee can be paid by semester or for the entire school year directly to  NHCA   

  • Part-time school parents can have their child  choose to attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The 6-8 grade schedule includes Math, Language, Social Studies, Bible, and Science plus three days of specials (Music, Art, and PE).  The cost of three days a week would be $4,200. Parents choosing this option will have a one time book fee of $150 for all classes.

  • Special Classes are as follows for Elementary and Middle School students

        Art - one day a week $400 per year or $200 per semester

        Music - one day a week $400 per year or $200 per semester

        PE - 3 days a week $1000 per year or 500 per semester

        All Specials - 5 days a week $1400 per year or $700 per semester

  • Gifted Class is not available on a single or three day purchase of classes.

Click here for Middle School schedule

Call for more information 816-320-3204 or stop by and check out our facilities and get your questions answered 17211 NE 180th Street – Holt, MO 64048.  One mile north of Jesse James Park on Highway 33. 

Joyce Shaw – Literature and Social Studies
Susan Rodenberg – Math and Science
Jeff Parks – Computer and Bible
Meghan McCrary – Art and PE
Kelly Nickles – Music and Band