May 18, 2018

Post date: May 19, 2018 12:18:35 PM

End of School Year!

We're happy to announce Steve Schneiter as the new full time administrator for Northern Hills Christian Academy for the 2018 - 2019 School Year. The School Board voted on February 26 to offer Steve Schneiter a full time administrator contract. Steve signed his contract today making it official. This is a great move for the school! Mike Dye has been the Administrator on a part time basis for the last 5 years but as our school continues to grow the need for a full time administrator becomes more important. Mike is not interested in full time and will retire from NHCA at the end of this school year.

Steve brings administrative experience and expertise with him to the job as the new Administrator for 2018-2019. Steve Schneiter has been a professor at Virgina Tech before becoming the Administrator of Grace Christian Academy for 6 years. He has now moved to our area and is currently the manager of The Sleep Inn in Liberty MO. Steve is married and has three young children. During the reference checks there were two consistent themes that showed up. One was that he has a real passion for Jesus Christ and the spreading of the Gospel. The second was his overwhelming love for children and his desire to see them learn about Jesus. The School Board and Pastor Willoughby also found these two traits present when interviewing Steve. Another key trait for Steve is that he is very gregarious and you will find him very easy to talk to.

It has been fun to watch the growth of this Amazing School as God has blessed it with a wonderful staff and students. The future is bright and it is great to see the school taking the right steps toward excellence. Having a full time Administrator for next year is another of those needed steps to continue the growth process. Keep praying for God's will for the school so that we can serve him in the most effective manner. Also - remember to thank him for the blessing he continues to deliver for us.