Academic Policies

Bible Version

NHCA has adopted the New King James verison of the Holy Bible as the primary version to be used in Bible classes and to be used in scripture memorization.

Curriculum and Textbooks

The curriculum framework at NHCA is designed to teach children from a Biblical worldview. NHCA uses academically-challenging curriculum that is designed to teach Biblical morals and values. A-Beka, Bob Jones University, and ACSI curriculum are used in the classrooms in all subject areas. Some teachers will use supplemental curriculum to give more practice and review in certain subject areas.

Homework/Grade Reporting K-12TH

Homework is a vital part of the learning process. It gives student practice and gives students preparation for the next day’s work/lesson. All students are required to complete all homework assignments, and parents are asked to make sure their child is completing his/her homework daily/nightly.

Homework not turned in on the due date, will be penalized 50% on first day and 0 on days after.

Academic Grading Scale

The grading scale and conduct scale used for students attending NHCA in grades 1-8 will be as follows:

90-100  A-Excellent

80-89     B-Above Average

70-79     C-Average

60-69     D-Below Average

 0-59       F-Failing



N-Needs Improvement

Honor Roll

Students who earn the following will receive recognition for excellence in academics at the end of each quarter:

Achievement Testing

Stanford achievement testing will be in the Spring.

End of Year Awards Day

At the end of the school year in May, there will be a special day for awards. Awards will be given in the areas of academics, honor roll, attendance, Christian Character, and Principal’s awards.