Volunteer & Job Openings

Job Openings 

Substitute Openings - $85 per day
Those interested will need to stop by the school and complete a background check sheet and provide a copy of their college hours (must have 60 hours to sub).

2024-2025 Openings 

1st Grade

Middle School / High School Language Arts

Middle School / High School Drama (part-time)

Jobs will be posted until filled.  Click here for application.

Volunteer Opportunities

As a school community or family, we want to cultivate a culture of serving and volunteering.  We have been given much and we want to give back cheerfully and generously with our time and talents. Our desire is to glorify our LORD through supporting this school in tangible ways  and  in all that we do.  Volunteering helps keep costs low; community naturally springs from working together, and there is satisfaction from assisting in the experiences of your child’s education. We ask that our families give twenty hours in service of their choice, which is quite often exceeded because of the graciousness of our family community.

Extended Care Provider - 

Lunchroom Coordinator -

Lunchroom Volunteer -

Substitute Teacher/Secretary -

Classroom Aide/Recess Monitor -

Study Hall Monitor -

Enrichment or After School Class Presenter - 

Coach/Assistant Coach a Sport -

Assist with Theater/Musical Performances -

Room Parent or Assistant

Lead/coordinate a PTF(Parent/Teacher Fellowship) event - 

Organize a health supply drive -

Organize a office supply drive - 

Share info about NHCA with your church - 

Contribute your time & talents to our Fundraisers -    

If you are interested, please contact the school for more information at nhcasec@nhcapatriots.com. All non-parent volunteers are subject to a background check.